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At Currumbin Cycles we are blessed to have a great team of highly experienced mechanics, ensuring prompt and reliable service. 

How frequently you ride will determine how often your bike should be serviced, but as a guide we would recommend a service twice a year, or four times a year if you are riding a lot during all seasons.

Regular maintenance and safety checks will keep your bike working more efficiently, and last longer.

At Currumbin Cycles, we're here to meet all your biking needs. Keep in mind, specialized bikes like TT, road, dual suspension MTBs, and electric bikes may incur additional fees for specific services. Don't hesitate to inquire about services not explicitly listed to receive a personalized quote.

Our services are designed for both transparency and convenience, with a minimum labor charge of $12.00 to ensure affordability. Additionally, all workshop jobs come with quoted prices beforehand, emphasizing fair pricing and eliminating surprises.

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