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25 Oct 2012

The Green thing & Community


We love cycling and we love our planet. We're focused on doing our little bit to keep it clean and to leave it in a reasonable state for when the next pack that rides on through. Currumbin Cycles is a member of the eco-biz program run by the state government and is focused in becoming a benchmark for sustainable practices within the retail cycles industry.

To achieve this we:

Have renovated our shop using recycled & sustainable materials

Use recycled paper & environmentally sustainable printing options in our promotional material

Try to recycle as much cardboard & bike boxes as we can –if you want some packing boxes or cardboard for mulch in the garden let us know

Recycle second hand bike bits – anything salvageable & useable we keep & offer for purchase at great prices (saddles, grips, forks, wheels, hubs, rims)

Use the follow green products in the workshop & for cleaning - Tri Flow Soy (non-petroleum based lubricant), Citrus Clean, Orangepower, Earthchoice Sell the Morgan Blue range of cleaners & lubes, including bioOil, the only product of its type that can be legally transported by air.

Make and sell interesting stuff from old bike bits

Ride as much as possible especially for short errands and trips. Did you know that more than 50% of car trips made in Australia are for less than 5 k's…!!!


Currumbin Cycles is proud to support:


Currumbin Primary School

Palm Beach Currumbin High School

GCCC Active Travel Programme

The Ecovillage - Vale Chris Walton!


Do you have an old bike, cycling gear that needs a new home or rider? Currumbin Cycles is looking to work with others to establish a pool of usable bikes and accessories - the Bike Bank - a store of available bikes that can be loaned for those in need for short periods, or passed on to communities in need, that have suffered from a natural disaster for example.

With the Green Thing in mind, we're also keen to keep old bikes out of the creek and tip, restore them to a rideable condition and have them available for purchase at an affordable price, or for loan at an affordable price or to on-send to communities that need them, near of far or to re-jig them into some other useful or aesthetic form. WANT TO BE A PART?

Do you have organisational or mechanical skills, or some artistic or other flair & feel like giving some of your time to work with others to help others access a bike and the joy of cycling? Are you a local business looking to support your local community in a positive, feel good way? Then contact us today, we need your old bikes, volunteers, your networks, your ideas, enthusiasm & energy to make the Bike Bank a reality.


If racing's your thing check :

CATS Cycling Club

Goldstars Cycle Club

Gold Coast Mountain Bike Club

SCUMB – Southern Cross University Mountain Bikes


Murwillumbah Cycle Club